2021 Great Lakes Big Rig Challenge LOADED UP HILL SEMI DRAG RACING!!!

Check this, 2021 Great Lakes Big Rig Challenge LOADED UP HILL SEMI DRAG RACING!!!

If you are an environmentalist by any chance, we strongly urge you to look away from the starting line of this video. Actually, you should consider completely skipping this one, because these things take the term rolling coal on a totally new level, a level reserved for heavy duty trucks.

You see, many of these trucks have been heavily modified and when they are doing this, the main focus is more power and more torque and pollution control is not even on the list for the guys that are trying to get as much power out of these engines as they can.

Apart from the huge stacks of bellowing smoke, what had impressed us most about these things is the transmission and its elements.

Getting the engine to produce huge amounts of power and torque is a problem on its own, however transferring the above mention torque to the ground is something that is simply marvelous.

These things have so much torque that many of them are showing huge similarities with a drag racing car on a good run.

The front is high in the air and the only thing in the front making contact with the road is the right hand wheel as the engine torque puts so much stress on the chassis it simply pulls the front left clean off the ground, a truly impressive sight.

To make matters even worse, this track has a hill on it which these guys are going to have to climb in order to finish the race, and with the weight of the 120 000-pound load, well it is not as easy for all of them as it seems.

So check out this incredible form of drag racing and see how violent these things are as they speed away from the starting line pulling all that weight behind them.

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