Wisconsin International Raceway Muscle Cars Drag Racing!!!

Check this, Wisconsin International Raceway Muscle Cars Drag Racing!!!

Let us take you to the Wisconsin International Raceway, a track which has been offering its services to racers since 1964 and has hosted a number of different events over the years.

This asphalt stock car racing oval and dragstrip, is located in the Town of Buchanan, in Outagamie County.

Today we have an amazing video were we get to see some amazing muscle cars, putting down run after run with a variety of timing results.

One of the vehicles will leave the muffler on the asphalt but we are sure that they can do without it.

In the plethora of cars at the track, we get to see an older street bike trying to prove that it can hang with its four wheeled cousins, no matter the lack of power.

While all these cars are nice and a joy to look at, the fact that the left lane has a car driving down the opposite direction while they are still racing does look rather disturbing.

We understand that it is far away from the track however it does look troubling to be in the left lane and keep the pedal to the floor while at the same time you are starring at somebody coming down from their run in the opposite direction.

Since this is a track that has been used in the same manner for years now, we are sure that the video is probably making it look much worse than it is, and we are also sure that all the drivers did get briefed on how to use the return part of the track.

While there are many beautiful machines we would like to know which one did you like best, some say that the 1971 Dodge Demon was the ultimate muscle car in the video but we would like to hear your opinion so watch the video and tell us in the comment section.

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