Shelby GT500 vs Dodge and vs Camaro drag racing!!!

Check this, Shelby GT500 vs Dodge and vs Camaro drag racing!!!

After quite a while, we once again feature a video of two muscle cars racing at the track with a manufacturing date difference of nearly half a century.

In the right lane we have a brand new stock Shelby GT500, and it is going up against two cars which have been built quite a while ago.

So once again we have “grandpa” trying to teach the youngster how to put down a good time at the drag strip.

In all fairness, once we caught a glimpse of the parachute and the wheelie bars on the Camaro, we knew how things are going to turn out, because let’s face it, that Camaro is a purposely built race car, and it is taking on a totally stock street car.

While the comparison with the Camaro might not be the closest match up there is since it is a race car, the other race was actually quite well matched.

In the first race you are about to see, the timing difference was only 0.13 seconds and that in our book is a great match up, however, one of the drivers seemed to be making a sandwich at the starting line when the light turned green, so he took his time leaving the starting area.

In races like these, it is not all about who won and who slept at the starting line, however the setup of the races at least we get to see a real life comparison of three cars from two different eras’ which were designed and produced to put a smile on your face.

We are always happy to see a brand new car on the drag strip where the owner can safely explore the full potential of the car so check out this video and see how far that potential reaches.

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