5-Second Twin Turbo Vixen Hellcat DESTROYS Quarter Mile!!!

Take a look at this, 5-Second Twin Turbo Vixen Hellcat DESTROYS Quarter Mile!!!

We have to admit.

Upon first reading the explanation of the video we perked our ear up and thought well, well, well, what do we have here, and totally missed the parentheses and the name.

Then we played the video and realized that this is Vixen, the extremely fast twin turbo Challenger Hellcat built by Bruder Bros. A car which we have seen outrun nearly everybody at the No Prep Kings events during the NPK championship.

We have watched this car in the No Prep Kings championship and have seen the best racers treat it with respect, and today we are about to see it do what we all knew it had potential to do, and that is make a 5 second pass.

After making the necessary changes to the car in order to adjust to a prepped surface this thing is unstoppable, so check out the video and enjoy the full might of The Vixen.

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