Insane Wheelstands and Flying Cars!!!

Take a look at these Insane Wheelstands and Flying Cars!!!

Once again we take you to the world of crazy stunts that have been pulled by guys racing their drag cars at the track.

This time, we focus on wheels stands as well as flying cars, and by that we mean cars that have pulled a wheel stand at high speeds causing the air to push the underneath of the car skyward with such force that is causes the car to ride on its bumper and get all four tires off the ground, that is the closest we will get to a flying car we will see in our lifetime.

Most of these guys did not expect this and will lift as soon as the front end leaves the ground, however there are quite a few that keep the “go” pedal buried to the floor and get some amazing air, risking damage to the front end once it reconnects with the asphalt.

  Check out this great video and enjoy some amazing driving.


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