Street Outlaws Chuck New Car!!!

Check this, Street Outlaws Chuck New Car!!!

Amongst the topics that Sim talks about this time is that Jeff Lutz wants to take another go at Drag Week and the main reason for this is that he promised his son that they will do this, and we think that this is a good enough reason on its own to do this.

Also on the topic of Drag Week Sim starts talking about the attendance of Drag Week and also what a boost to it would be if all the Street Outlaws would join the fun, even though these guys have become so popular that they would boost the attendance of any racing event they enter.

The other topic that he talks about is the fact that due to the Covid-19, guys have had extra time to finish and test their new rides, meaning they will join the fun with cars that have been tuned to perfection and there will be no room for error.

Check out the rest of the topics that Sim talks about in the video and tell us what you think.

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