Crazy Drag Racing Mishaps!!!

Take a look at this insane compilation of Crazy Drag Racing Mishaps!!!

We have seen many of these videos as a reminder that motorsport is a very dangerous sport, and the best thing you can do for your safety and for the safety of others is not to try this on the streets.

This long video will bring us all sorts of mishaps from the racetrack and there will be many different ways that the race will end before the drivers make it to the end of the track.

Many are caused by malfunction of the vehicle and that is understandable since we all know that all the parts of the race car are strained to their breaking point and obviously beyond.

On the other hand, some of the accidents were caused by the so called human factor, which means that the driver made a mistake, or simply pushed the car further than it was ready to go, resulting in a crash.

Whatever the reason, we hope not to see these things in the future, but in the meantime check out the ones that already happened.

Maybe you'll be interested ...

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