A New Street Outlaws 405 List !!!

Check this, A New Street Outlaws 405 List !!!

Sim starts today’s news with a talk of altercation between JJ Da Boss and Block and according to some police reports, or whichever the source is we are not getting into it right now, it seems that JJ Da Boss punched Block in the face.

We have all seen JJ Da Boss and his show and we all know that all that trash talking and the puffed up chest often lead to these things and sometimes punches are thrown.

However, after a fight JJ always finds a way to get those guy to calm down shake hands and resolve their issues the right way, on the street, where they will let their cars do the talking and their driving abilities do the rest.

There are many other news and topics that Sim talks about in his video, and we think that you need to hear all of it so play the video and see what is going down in the world of Street Racing.


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