MEMPHIS Street Outlaws vs Midwest BIG TIRE Race!!!

Check this, MEMPHIS Street Outlaws vs Midwest BIG TIRE Race!!!

It is called The H-Town Throwdown and according to the organizers this is a totally legal street race, now that’s something you don’t see every day.

Located in the town of Hartshorne, Oklahoma on a street that has not seen any prep, this slick surface is about to accommodate (and make them fight with it) some big tire cars which we all know have tons of power that they will be struggling to put down.

This 1/8-mile track will be the battlefield where these powerful cars will try to concur, however there will be many things that they will have to do before they do that.

For example, from what we have seen, they will need some real skill to master the instruction of the starter because for many he seems to be confusing and irrational, resulting in multiple jumps during the event.

Check out this great action and see if you can spot the girl being pushed over by the power of the exhaust at 7:43, now that’s some power.

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