Chuck vs Brandon James on Hell of a Race on Street Outlaws: America’s List!!!

Check this, Chuck vs Brandon James on Hell of a Race on Street Outlaws: America’s List!!!

One of the biggest surprises during the Mega Cash Days must have been Brandon James, who arrived as a guy that only few knew about and left the ultimate winner of the event.

Some have stated that during the entire event he never got stuck in the notorious left lane and some of his success is based on that, however be that as it may he still managed to bet everybody and drive away with the huge amount of cash.

Today we catch up to him as he races from the bottom of the America’s List trying to prove to everybody that he is no “one hit wonder” and he is here to rise to the top of the street racing throne that he recently occupied after the big event.

During the coin toss Chuck gets stuck in the left lane and Brandon James is once again in the right lane.

During the America’s List event, many have managed to win in the left lane and things have not been as terrible as the Mega Cash Days however most of the drivers that won the coin toss always go for the sure thing and still choose right lane, just like Brandon did again.

Both cars are using pretty much the same combination and they are both powered by a small block Chevy which is turbo charged by twin snails which push air into the lungs of that small block trying to make the biggest bans possible and get more power to the wheel than the car in the next lane.

Once again like always we are not going to spoil the fun of the video and will let you watch it to find out the winner but we will tell you that both cars made a great pass, so watch it and enjoy.

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