Chevy Wagon Hits Wall and Flips Over in Scary Crash, Driver Walks Away!!!

Take a look at this, Chevy Wagon Hits Wall and Flips Over in Scary Crash, Driver Walks Away!!!

As we usually do when there is a crash involved the first thing that we would like to inform you is the fact that the driver is ok and he is unharmed.

Now that we are done with the most important part we can go on about this relatively slow rollover.

The event is called Brawl at the falls and it was held at the Iowa Park in Texas where amongst the other a black blown wagon was going to fight for the win in the big tire class.

Unfortunately, as the driver went to make a test pass it all went wrong.

There are numerous factors in play however one of them was the lack of rubber on the track and since this was one of the first few passes of the day there was just not enough grip for the setup that the driver was going to try and make a pass on.

As soon as the driver let off the button within a second the tires were spinning and for most that would be a good enough sign that they would either have to pull more power out of the car or wait for a few cars to go down the track and put some rubber down.

Unfortunately, instead of aborting the run, the driver was determined to get some data and tried to pedal the car and get back in it.

Why would he do that when the car was already in the wrong lane is really beyond us, and we think it could have been easily avoided if the driver would just be patient to try and get the data on the next round.

This way all it provided was a somewhat of a slow motion roll which fortunately did not damage the car too much.

Check it out and tell us what you think.

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