Dendrobium – Electric Hypercar Concept!

This year at the Geneva Motor Show scheduled for March 7, it is announced that it will be presented a brand new fully electric hypercar called Dendrobium.

With the Williams Advanced Engineering team on board and some SG$10 million in capital behind it it looks likely that we’ll get our first glimpse of a full-sized prototype in Geneva in 2017.

This concept was made by Singapore specialist for electric vehicles Vanda Electric. The company used the services of Williams Advanced Engineering – technological wing of the Williams Group and the Formula 1 team as a technical partner who assisted in the development of this car.

In pure performance terms, electric vehicles are getting set to utterly dominate their petrol powered competition, while delivering levels of energy efficiency that will simply never be possible out of fossil fuels.

Vanda Electric assure us that the influence of Williams will be noticeable in engines, batteries and aerodynamics of the vehicle. Further as we gone on we will be able to notice that one of the latest features of this super electric Dendrobium will be that the doors and the roof will have possibility to be opened synchronized, like fully open Orchid flower. And now we understand how this vehicle got its name, considering the fact that one of the types of an Orchid flower is no less but the Dendrobium itself.

The company hasn’t announced any official information yet, regarding the conceptual motor vehicle, but various reports received from different sources on the Internet suggest that Dendrobium will have a power of 1520 hp and acceleration from 0-100 km / h in 2.5 seconds.

This car is radically different from the other vehicles designed by Vanda Electric. This Singaporean company has already designed a super small electric truck called “Ant Truck”, with a range of 100 km with ability to care loads up to 1 ton, and “Motochimp” small electric motor with a range of 60km. That is the beauty of Vanda’s work they are always so creative, so different at designing every new vehicle, each of their new vehicle has something special to offer in order to blow you away on very first sight, and much more on your first touch on the inside.

As we are informed more details about this super brand new Dendrobium vehicle will be announced very soon to the delight of all those who are excited and can’t wait to find out more information about their new potential vehicle.

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