Drag Race Ends With a Terrible Crash, Both Drivers are OK!!!

Take a look at this, Drag Race Ends With a Terrible Crash, Both Drivers are OK!!!

We once again have a terrible crash after the finish line and the only good thing that we can think about right now is the fact that both drivers were not seriously injured after this accident.

Yes, you might be recognizing the vehicle in the left lane as the Homewrecker’s Frigg a car that has been out for nearly a year due to a crash, and yes these are the same guys that brought us Todd and Jamond Haug’s De Gudfar, a legendary monster.

Where to start on the troubles that the Homewrecker crew are in these days…

They have spent hours upon hours over the past year to recover this car after a crash, and since none of these cars are cheap, they invested a huge amount of cash to make get this car back on the drag strip, but unfortunately, on the fourth pass after they have completely rebuild the car disaster struck again.

The emotional damage to the team is huge because having done all that work after all that time, only to have it all destroyed in an instant, well it does take a toll on you and your feelings.

The driver in the left lane suffered a malfunction in the form of a stuck gas pedal and that kept pushing the car past the finish line, putting him in the wrong lane right behind the Frigg.

Then disaster struck after he crashed into the back of the car, pushing it into the barrier which split the fuel cell open and poured high octane flammable fuel all over the place, which understandably caught fire.

The driver praised the ORP crew for their getting to him as fast as they did, and getting him to safety in a hurry thus making sure that he does sustain any injuries.

So check out this terrible crash and see the aftermath in the video.

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