Turbo Mustang Crashes into Camaro!

Take a look at this, Turbo Mustang Crashes into Camaro!

It has been quite a while since we have been talking about Mustangs going over the edge and often over the curb after a spirited burnout, and for a while, we thought that we heard all the jokes that were out there on the subject.

For whatever reason, we end up in a similar situation once again while watching some drag racing at the Street Outlaws live event in the No Prep Kings in Houston, Texas as the unfortunate Hidalgo ends up in an accident soon after his car is back at the track.

The reason we are saying all this is that Hidalgo’s nitrous-assisted black Camaro was recently repaired after a big crash in the big tire competition, and now once again as soon as it starts putting down some really fast times in the small tire competition, it undergoes another big crash.

The most important news as always is the fact that neither of the drivers sustained any injuries, and they were able to walk off the scene of the crash.

The entire video shows us the progress of these cars during the event and it seems that they were the two fastest cars on small tires on the property that weekend and the victory is nearly in their hands.

The new competition that they were racing in is called The local 8, somewhat of a spinoff from the Great 8 No Prep Kings competition, which as you are guessing features the 8 fastest drivers in the area that will be competing this weekend.

While the whole competition was fierce and races were as close as they come, we once again witnessed a terrible crash that Eric Stubbs and Luis Hildalgo got involved in and reminded us how dangerous this sport is, so check out this terrible crash, and let’s hope it will never happen again.

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