Street Outlaws Jeff Lutz tells Chuck he’s irrelevant!

Take a look at this, Street Outlaws Jeff Lutz tells Chuck he’s irrelevant!

Once again we have some mean words thrown around by the 405 team, however this time the interesting part is that they are headed toward the same team.

While we have had our fair share of teams berating each other on camera, we even had teams trying to fight each other and putting each other in choke holds, yes we are talking about you Lizzy, and straight out fighting each other.

While this had happened between the NOLA teammates, when Jerry Bird attacked Pat Musi, the famous engine builder, and Lizzy’s father, and ended up in a chokehold by Lizzy.

However, it seems that this time the disagreement does not head in that direction, and besides a few jokes, these guys appear to be well beyond the fighting stage of their friendship so the whole deal kinda blows over much more than what the title is inclining.

We have all seen Jeff Lutz and Chuck Seitsinger talking trash to one another and most of the time it is Chuck who keeps calling Jeff a senior citizen just to mess with his buddy.

While the comment sections these days are full of accusations and claims about who is a real racer and who is not, there is no doubt that the 405 team is staying together and very strong with decent success on America’s list, with a few guys in the top spots, along with Ryan Martin at the top.

The End Game show brought us an episode that showed most of these guys riding their ATVs over a rough terrain with none other than Chuck Seitsinger leading the pack, so that show’s us that there is nothing more to this video than just a few guys giving each other a hard time, so check out the video and see it for yourself.

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