Farm Girl Nearly Bitten by a Copperhead While Mowing!

Farm Girl nearly bitten by copperhead snake while mowing!

We all know her as the hottest 50-year-old on YouTube, and apparently we all enjoy watching her videos, since they are getting more and more popular daily.

This time, Farm Girl is doing farm stuff as usual, and today’s chore is mowing the lawn, which although many of us would think sounds boring, but watching her do it, takes away the boredom. 

The excitement starts once they find a Copperhead which could have easily attacked farm girl, and we all know that these things are not something to be messing with, a copperhead can be very dangerous and extremely painful.

So please don’t do what you are about to watch on the video, if you see a venomous snake, leave it alone and don’t mess with it, unlike these guys who apparently know what they’re doing, and have the right tools for the job.

If you don’t care about the snake, you can always enjoy the rest of the video. 

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