This Will Happen If You Mount 2 Nitrous On Chair! AZN Nitrous Chair!

AZN Nitrous Chair, Homemade Redneck Centrifuge in Insane! 

Some call it Redneck Engineering, and some call it insanely dangerous and crazy, but at least it works right, and the primary job of any machine is to do what the inventor intended it to do.

In this case the so called Nitro Chair was an amazing success, and probably the best way to describe the Redneck Engineering title since this contraption was extremely dangerous, and we were afraid that the test “pilot” would fly away out of the chair and launch into orbit due to the extremely high speed that he achieved.

You can see on everybody’s face that they were not expecting the chair to be so fast and so successful as a centrifuge, and the first things that came out of their mouth were the right things to say since “O my god” and “Holly S**T” are the appropriate responses that you will have after you see this.

So watch the video and please remember not to try this at home because it is extremely dangerous!

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