Guns N’ Roses and Harley-Davidson Team Up!

Guns N’ Roses and Harley-Davidson Team Up!

For many of us, Guns N’ Roses have been one of the coolest bands while we were growing up, and we still enjoy hearing them play to this day since most of their songs are timeless pieces of art.

Although the band is not in their prime age for years now, they still have a lot of rock left in them, and the fact that most of them are bikers even puts them higher on our list of favorite bands ever.

So to expect them to play at the 115th party on Lake Michigan, is something that is not that far-fetched, especially if you consider the fact that Axl Rose received a V-Rod from Harley as a thank you for his participation in one of the commercials.

After riding and enjoying the bike for a few months, the lead singer decided that it needed some extensive customization in order to be even more attractive when promoting their Harley/Gunners merchandise that is now hitting the stores.

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