Orange County Choppers – Paul Sr.’s Amazing Car Collection!

Check this, Orange County Choppers – Paul Sr.’s Amazing Car Collection!

Most of the time we have watched him, he has been the angry father fighting with his sons about how things should be done or how people should behave.

This has led to the huge popularity of the reality show that he starred in, but we are afraid that it has also led to the demise as well, since his son could not take the tongue lashing anymore and decided to go about his way and start his own workshop.

Today we see Paul Senior in a totally different light, we see him as a host that has decided to open the doors of his home and show us everything we want to know about it, yes his cars and bikes especially, no offence to the rest of the property.

As you would expect from a person that has made his fortune by working on, and building bikes, there is surely a lot to see in his garage, so play the video and check out the amazing bikes and muscle cars in his possession.

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