Insane 8000hp Top Fuel Burnout Car!

We have seen a lot of powerful burnout car’s, but this one is on top of the list!

Have you ever expect a car like this to attend on a burnout contest? Hell no!  This bada*s 8000 hp Top Fuel car is recorded in Australia on this year Summernats 30.

Making over 8000 hp under the hood this is probably the bada*st burnout you’ve ever seen. This MONSTER of a top fuel nitro powered beast swings around on the skid pad burning a TON of fuel in the process – 85 liters to be exact costing over $1,000!

This beast has no transmission just a reverse. It’s an 8000 hp beast and one of, if not the, most powerful burnout cars in the world!

The sound was ear-shattering too, this wasn’t a burnout that you simply saw – you felt it too! 

You can watch the video bellow and feel free to share it if you like. Tell us if you have seen more powerful burnout car in comment bellow. Enjoy!

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