Ford Maverick Suspension Fail During Drag Race!

An awesome pro street Ford Maverick have a hard time at the start of a drag race! 

The guy in his Maverick definitely was having a bad day when his Ford Maverick went over one time then ass into the wall.

This Ford Maverick was placed on the start with a pro street Plymouth ‘Cuda hemi. The ‘Cuda run off first and the Maverick has to go smooth on the drag strip but that didn’t happened. 

He did a hell of a job off trying to reel it in but it appears something may have broken in the rear suspension.

It’s possible something in the rear suspension broke on the launch, and that may have caused him to shoot to the right and get out of the groove as soon as the wheels came up.

Was that drivers error or the suspension failed? What do you think?

Watch the video bellow and tell us what do you think in the comment bellow. Enjoy!


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