The Best Showing Off Crashes and Fails!

Today, we present you the best showing off crashes and fails from a muscle cars and amazing bikes.

It’s well know that the most of the american muscle cars are very powerful and some people have a hard time to handle with the throttle. 

In the video bellow you can see a bunch of guys have a hard time handle it with all those awesome muscle cars.

You can one amazing custom bike crashing into the water. Also there has a few Mustangs crashing really badly. You can spot the red Mustang brand new crashing into a also brand new truck.

That guy with 1994 Ford Mustang got arrested because he go in other lane and put lives in danger of others in the traffic. 

In the video bellow you can see people attempting to show off with burnouts, peel outs, fast driving but instead end up destroying their expensive cars and bikes.

Watch the video and drive safe. If you haven’t drive powerful car, don’t try something that you’ll regret in your life.

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