This Lady Has Been Driving The Same 1957 Bel Air For Over 50 Years!

Do you think anyone can keep the same car these days more than a few years?

For sure how the life goes by these days with new technology and all other staff that’s really hard for all of us to keep the things that we like a lot.

That’s not a thing with this lady. She keep her 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air for 50+ years and the story goes like this.

Back in the day, Grace wheeled her way on to the lot in late 1957, right when the 1958 models were coming out and decided to pick herself up a 1957 Chevrolet, a demo car that would be her pride and joy that she would maintain for years upon years, putting just 116,000 miles on the car (That’s just over 2,000 miles each year!) that she’s spent a grand total of $2,250 on. Finding any car for that price is a hassle these days, let alone a brand new one.

At the video bellow you can see her telling us the story about her car. Watch it and fell free to share if you like it. If anyone else has a story like this, please send us and we’ll publish it. Enjoy in this amazing story.


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