Is The Crow Ready for Street Outlaws America’s List!? Big Chief new Engine First Start!!!

What do you think, Is The Crow Ready for Street Outlaws America’s List!? Big Chief new Engine First Start!

Once again we join Big Chief and Jackie as they keep working on the Crow, and since in the last video we showed you these guys were finished putting in the new engine, this time it is time to start it.

Well, while this explanation seems reasonable to hear and tells us how did we get here, the funny version of how these guys got here is also great.

You see, once Jackie started filming this and Big Chief had put his gloves on ready to finish putting the engine together, she asked him the same question.

How we got here, expecting Big Chief to tell us the stuff that we have explained earlier.

Instead, he just told her that he drove the Tahoe, all confused about why is she asking him about his commute.

Folks, these are the best parts of an unscripted video because apparently Jackie playing the role of a narrator confused Big Chief big time.

The engine that is going in the Crow this time is called Rocky 3 and according to Big Chief, this engine is not really happy to go further than 9000 revolutions per minute, unless Big Chief really needs to push it all the way there.

As soon as Big Chief thinks that the engine is ready to fire up, Rocky 3 shows that there is much stubbornness involved in that movie so he refuses to bow down to Chief and makes him go the hard way to get it to run.

While trying to get things running, Big Chief, unfortunately, finds a leak which we all know is not the best thing to find when an engine won’t start, however, we are sure that he can take care of that and get this Rocky 3 to start spinning under its own power.

So check out the video and see if Rocky 3 will be able to do just that.

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