Street Outlaws Murder Nova Switches to PROCHARGER!!!

Now that’s a something like a storm, Street Outlaws Murder Nova Switches to PROCHARGER!!!

Once again, we are bringing you Sim to talk about all the news that is brewing in the No Prep racing world, and as always he has the most interesting topics to talk about.

Today the main headline is that Shawn and his Murder Nova are leaving Twin Turbos and switching on Procharger!!

So definitely this is not the old Murder Nova with a twin turbo set up, this is completely new one and it’s was bought with it’s VIN.

Its a whole new car. Shawn doesn’t seem like a dude who takes losing very well and he will go where the best chance to win is even with as good as turbos have been to him, we wouldn’t be surprised.

If it turns out to be true, that Shawn is going to run procharger on the streets, tells me Ryan & Dave must have do work on the 405 show that’s gonna be airing soon. Then factor in Cheif switch’n motors, & Ryan killin it NPK with same setup.

Sim also talk about the negative comments from his previous video about Ryan Martin selling everything and starting over. 

At SEMA Ryan said he was upgrading to a new Proline hemi. We don’t know why he’s not on the website, but why would he switch now? He’s a back to back NPK champ with Proline and he’s won over $300k in price money this year. What company would he even go to?

Leaving Proline, especially with the success he’s having doesn’t make any sense. That’s why the video got the response it did. Ryan has explained why he selling his engines.

“So, to take “he’s not on proline’s website” and make a video claiming he’s selling everything and leaving Proline without any other information and then patting yourself on the back, literally, just seems crazy. Besides the website issue, what are you basing this on?” one of the fans ask Sim, so check what he has to say..

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