Ryan Martin Is Selling Everything to Start Over?!

Check this, Ryan Martin Is Selling Everything to Start Over?! 

We are bringing you Sim once again to talk about all the news that is brewing in the No Prep racing world, and as always he has the most interesting topics to talk about.

As the title is telling us the biggest news is that Ryan Martin has sold a massive amount of gear, however before we get to this, Sim wants to give props to the one guy that shook things up in the No Prep game.

Just last season, Justin Swanstrom was the guy that had to race his way in on every event to get a shot at a race between him and the rest of the No Prep guys, however, this year all that changed.

This year he brought out his brand new Lexus, a car like no other on the grid, and immediately started making waves which were felt all over the No Prep game.

For a moment at the beginning of the season, he was following Ryan Martin with only five points behind him and all of a sudden everybody’s eyes landed on that white Lexus.

His performance stayed strong for the rest of the year and he was one of the top three contenders for the title for the second part of the season, showing everybody that this year he will be going for the crown.

After having such a good year with the Lexus it came as a surprise to everybody that he is building a brand new car for next season but we are sure that the new car will be a contender as well.

To find out more about Justin Lil Country Swanstrom and why Ryan Martin has sold all of his engines and got his photos taken down from the Proline website, play the video and let Sim inform you about all he knows.

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