Take a look at this, LARGEST GM Yard Finds EVER!!!

Get ready to hear the SS part a lot in this video because this guy has managed to get his hands on not one, not two but about two dozen of them in the same yard.

Today we bring you arguably the largest ever GM yard which is of course filled with incredibly popular classic cars and believe us, all of them have quite the story to tell, as it should be with a real classic car.

While the first car in the video, a 1969 Camaro SS 350 with a column shift automatic, ran about two years ago, that is not the case with all of them because the car behind it, which is also an SS car, has not made a peep from that exhaust since the mid or late 1970s which is quite a disappointment.

As it often is with these cars, most of them are truly in a bad shape and that is quite the opposite of what we would like to hear since the owner of the yard started filling it in order to save all of these cars, and yet, years after here they are losing the battle to mother nature.

Don’t worry though, there are plenty of cars that with sufficient funds still might be able to make somebody a proud owner of an American Classic, and may once again roam the streets bringing smiles to car enthusiasts all over the country.

Some of these machines were actually cars that drove here to be saved but instead, they ended up being parted for that other cars may be resurrected.

What is even cooler than owning all of those cars is the fact that he remembers every story behind every one of those cars and he is here to tell us all about them so let us check out this video and find out more about this yard full of cars.

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