Lizzy Musi’s New No Prep Car!!!

Check this, Lizzy Musi’s New No Prep Car!!!

Epping New Hampshire is where we are headed today with the help of this video where the No Prep Kings event was held on the grounds of the New England Dragway.

The reason why we are here is to bring you the newest edition to the No Prep Kings lineup which comes from Lizzy Musi, in a form of a ’69 Camaro which is promising to give the competition some hard times during the rest of the season.

There is no doubt that bringing a new car in the middle of the championship is a very risky move especially if there have already finished three races from the season, however, we have full confidence in the Musi team and with a guy as experienced as Pat Musi we believe that they made sure that all the small issues have been taken care of, and the car has been thru its shakedown already and it is now ready to race.

As you are already probably guessing, the new car is nitrous powered and in this video, it will be facing some of the toughest competitors in this championship, as she lines up against guys like Cody Baker and his blown Camaro AKA Shake N Bake, Larry Larson and his single turbo Cadillac and the Bird Brothers and their Nitrous Powered Probe.

Robert Hayes Race Cars are who signs the build sheet for the car and according to them, they have been building this Edelbrock-equipped, Lucas Oil-backed ’69 Camaro for more than a year.


Pulling a win on the inaugural race against any of these guys is a big deal, however, these guys are here to win against everybody, which might sound like an impossible task.   

So check out this video and find out if this Camaro can do the impossible with Lizzy behind the wheel.

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