Monster Procharged Corvette Testing on the Street!

We thought you may want to take a look at this really mean procharged Corvette! 

Even though engineering a race car takes a lot of planning and knowledge, there are times when during the building process, you just have to get tires on tarmac and apply power in order to check something in real life, instead of testing it on a dyno or assuming things will go as planned.

Some tweaks and tunes have to be based on real life results, and have to be supported by the way the car feels, and you can’t find out how the vehicle feels inside the garage, so these guys have decided to get this ProCharged Chevrolet Corvette out of the workshop and test it in front of their shop.

Lucky for them, their neighbors appreciate their work so nobody is complaining because of that deafening scream of that race car.

Check out the video bellow and see how real life testing is done, and by those skid marks this is something of a regular event for this area.

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