Street Car Gets in Nasty Wreck!!!

Take a look at this, Street Car Gets in Nasty Wreck!!!

Many times we have talked about the crashes that happen during street racing and most of the time we say the same thing, crashes are the inevitable thing that happens during racing and as long as we keep all racing on the track or a closed piece of road, and drivers wear they proper protection things are much easier to deal with.

This time the driver made it out of the burning vehicle out on time and only suffered some minor burns to his hands, however the vehicle was totally burned and not much of it was saved.

Also one of the topics that Sim touches in today’s show is Boosted and his cars and how the orange car that he owns was always supposed to be on big tires however we have been seeing that one on small tires for quite a while.

Why is this so, well as always play the video and let Sim tell you all about it.

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