Street Outlaws Jeff Lutz vs Daddy Dave Epic Race!!!

Take a look at this, Street Outlaws Jeff Lutz vs Daddy Dave Epic Race!!!

Now before we get accused of wrong advertisement or klick bait tittles we have to come clean about the vehicles that these guys are about to battle in.

Instead of their regular Goliath and the mega popular 57, today they find themselves behind the wheel of their daily drivers, since this event has been held under the rules of, “No roll cage, and you have to drive it to the spot”.

Something that none of their cars that we are used of seeing is capable of doing, for the most obvious reasons that we all know.

But don’t think for a minute that these guys are bringing some slow grocery getters, no sir, both of them have mean and very fast daily drivers, capable of putting down very fast runs.

So check out the video as Daddy Dave gets in his twin turbo S10 and lines up against Jeff Lutz in his Trackhawk in order to see who’s got the faster daily driver.

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