Street Outlaws Star Big Chiefs New Car!!!

Check this, Street Outlaws Big Chiefs New Car!!!

Once again we are bringing you Sim’s video and just like always he has many topics to cover.

We have seen Sim excited for many reasons, however, today he is super excited for one very special reason and that is he gets to watch the America’s List Finale.

This starts one of his topics in which he tries to ask the audience who is the current racer that stands out from the crowd and should be considered as the greatest at the time.

This is a very complexed question for many different reasons.

The first reason must be that this season we had a guy who nobody knew nothing about, or at least most of us didn’t who came around and won the biggest race of the season.

You see, Brandon James is a racer based out of California who answered the Street Outlaws production call and decided to show up with his car to one of the biggest street racing events ever held.

For the first time Brandon and his crew stepped in front of the cameras and after some very lucky coin flips he started climbing up the ladder winning against racers that we have been watching for years on this show.

It was obvious that pretty soon everybody will know his name and this was exactly what happened.

He somehow managed to stay in the right lane, and got to the top of Mega Cash days.

On the other hand, during America’s List he did not shine at all.

Matter a fact he was stuck at the 17th position and even ended up crashing once Lizzy Musi won the coin toss and stuck him in the right hand lane.

So while he had some extremely good luck, we are not sure about calling him the best street racer out there.

So check out what Sim has to say on the subject and let’s see if he tells us more about Big Chief’s new car.

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