Street Outlaws Endgame – Murder Nova’s FIRE DONK!!

Take a look at this, Street Outlaws Endgame – Murder Nova’s FIRE DONK!!

Ever since the builds for the Street Outlaws Endgame show started, we have seen some very interesting builds and some very interesting times in the garage with mainly a few guys that are like part of the family helping the five guys participating in the show.

When Ryan Martin first decided to build his favorite car and use it to go street racing against these guys and try to win the entire event, none of us thought twice since the car he chose is a good platform that might outrun these guys.

When Axman opted for his machine, we thought that he might not have the best idea and the best platform to provide him with the win.

However, once we saw that Shawn “Murder Nova” Ellington decided to build a Donk, well we thought that he is the craziest of them all, to be honest.

The biggest reason for us to say this is the fact that instead of using small tires like the rest of the guys, Shawn went for the huge 26-inch wheels which are not the best decision if you are trying to put huge amounts of power down on the street.

During the build, Shawn had his father and his son work on the car at the same time and the car was getting some TLC from three different generations at the same time.

There is no doubt that the car looks amazing and if this was that type of competition, we are sure that Shawn would be able to take the first spot, but unfortunately, we think that he will have huge issues with putting the power down.

So let us check out what the Ellington family has managed to build in their garage and let’s see just how much blood sweat and tears went into that beautiful convertible that he gets to ride around in on the next episode of Street Outlaws Endgame.

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