Street Outlaws Fastest in America – RULE BREAKER Kye Kelley vs Hella Quick!!!

Check this, Street Outlaws Fastest in America – RULE BREAKER Kye Kelley vs Hella Quick!!!

As we have mentioned earlier there have been many new rules in the new season of the Street Outlaws Fastest in America and one of them was the rule regarding the burnout box and the lines that separate it.

Well, when JJ Da Boss recited the new rules to everybody he made sure that all of them understand that the two water burnouts that each racer is allowed before the race must start behind the painted line which mars the burnout box.

The main reason for this rule change was the fact that last season it was the Memphis crew that used this rule to their advantage and started the burnouts out of the burnout box which in turn provided them with a dry hop.

The problem with this is the fact that if for whatever reason the dry-hop shows that the car has no traction, the team still has time to make the necessary changes to the tune-up which would provide them with an unfair advantage.

This time we have Kye Kelley and hella Quick, California against NOLA and it appears that for one of these teams, old habits die hard as they mess up and perform a dry ho which according to the new rules is forbidden.

Rules are rules and even JJ Da Boss who has done this many times must now sanction one of the drivers and make sure that they are disqualified from the race before they even get to the tow step.

With egos flying high and huge bets following each race, this might be a perfect recipe for disaster and everybody is trying to find a way to get his voice heard as always, so let’s check out the video and see how far this race is going to go.

 Will it be decided at the starting line, or will they get to race to the finish line?

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