Take a look at this, Street Outlaws JJ DA BOSS FIRST TALK AFTER THE CRASH!!!

We are pretty sure that you have heard of it by now, however, in case you did not have the time to catch up, there has been a pretty big crash involving JJ Da Boss and Tricia while these guys were filming the second season of Street Outlaws Fastest in America.

Near the end of the race, there was a problem with JJ’s car, and oil and alcohol managed to find themselves inside the car, burning his face as well as his hand. Next, the leak continued and got the car loose with no real ability for JJ Da Boss to get it back in line, causing him to slam into Tricia’s wheelie bars, while the car was on fire.

While the couple is apparently in great spirits the fact of the matter is that both of them were in a pretty bad situation there for a second, with JJ’s car on fire slamming into Tricia vehicle causing her to lose control as well and slam into one of the production vehicles with absorbed the majority of the impact.

 There is no doubt that this tough pair will get back to racing and during the video, it is JJ himself telling everybody that their hot rods are being worked on as we speak which means that pretty soon they will be trying to find a way to get back in their cars.

The best thing that we can see here as we said is that these guys are in great spirit and they keep joking around about their accident as well as the situation that they are in at the moment, and we wish them to stay positive and we hope that they will be getting out of the hospital as soon as possible so we can see them hit the streets again.

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