WILD Engine Fail and Flash FIRE – LS Motors Gone Wild!!!

Check this, WILD Engine Fail and Flash FIRE – LS Motors Gone Wild!!!

Often when people try to get more power out of their engine they end up doing something that the engine did not like.

While we cannot know what was the exact problem with this one, it appears that this engine did not like what the owner was doing to it and decided to quit.

However, it did not just quit, it did it in a fiery manner one that has him stripping down in order to contain the fire.

That did actually raise the question why did he spend all that money on the car, and by the looks of it he did spend a significant amount and yet when it came to the safety of his investment he decided against purchasing a $50 fire extinguisher which would have been able to put the fire out with no problem.

The other issue that this fire did bring up was the fact that it took the announcer to yell out stop to the driver before he stopped his vehicle.

This should be something that every driver is reminded at the drivers meeting (briefing), as soon as there is a problem with the vehicle you pull over, in order to stop spilling the fluids on the track.

You don’t just keep driving to see how much further you can spill oil on the track, you stop as soon as you can in order not to ruin the track for everybody else that day.

We understand that you had a bad day and we are sorry, but do try and contain the spill so not everybody else will have a bad day. Oil on a track is so bad somebody might even end up getting hurt because of it.

So check out the video and see what not to do when you are at the track.  

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