Beautiful Pro Street Chevelle Stuffed the Wall at OSCR 5!!

Wow, check this crash how this Beautiful Pro Street Chevelle Stuffed the Wall at OSCR 5!!

We can only describe this as one of the worst runs we have ever seen folks.

This could have been easily preventable since there was literally no need for any of this, because the run was lost, and the race was pretty much over from the beginning when the car broke traction and it was obvious that burning the tires will not bring traction back in no form.

But apparently this guy is one of the most competitive racers out there who is convinced that he can pull a miracle off, even if he is risking his safety and risking damaging this (free estimate) $60 grand car for no real reason.

Lucky for the Mustang driver in the other lane, he was apparently happy to “fight another day” so he opted to just stop and make sure his ride stays safe for more races to come.

Check out this terrible way to destroy a nice chunk of cash.

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