Hellcat vs Hot Rod – 604 Street Legit drag race!!

Take a look at this, Hellcat vs Hot Rod – 604 Street Legit drag race!!

Before the introduction of the Dodge Demon, never in car history has a vehicle left the factory floor as race ready as the Dodge Hellcat with the sole purpose of beating all the other fast cars in a straight line quarter mile race, and that is real dedication to racing.

However, this time around the Hellcat from the 604 is not facing another factory vehicle, no sir, he is up against a real Hot Rod, a car that has been modified extensively in order to slam down an incredible quarter mile run.

You can go as far as saying that this Hot Rod has been purpose built for street racing so that will make the job of the Hellcat quite hard, but will it be impossible?

Well we are not quite sure, so go ahead play the video and see does the insanely fast Hellcat have what it takes to win against this Hot Rod.

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