Iconic Ferrari F40 Owned By Eric Clapton is For Sale!

Ferrari F40 for many was and still remains at the top of all sports cars designed by the Italian manufacturer.

The fact that this model of Ferrari, from 1987 to 1992 were produced only 1311 samples at a price that can afford only the richest people in the world, speaks enough about what kind of car it is.

The F40 can dance. The mid-mounted V-8 engine’s then-state-of-the-art twin turbochargers power just the rear wheels through an 8-ball billiard gear knob and the classic polished H-gate pattern.

These days, one sample Ferrari F40 was put on sale. London GVE, a company specialized in selling luxury cars has put the car on sale for 925 thousand pounds. This amazing F40 was owned by the great rock star and a big fan of Ferrari – Eric Clapton.

The first owner of this F40 was Lincoln F. Small, who owned the car from 1997 to 2000 when he sold it to Eric Clapton. Eric Clapton keep this awesome model of Ferrari until 2003 when he sold back to Small and since then the F40 was again owned by him till now.

This concrete sample was produced in 1991, has a recognizable red color Ferrari called Rossa Corsa, almost unused with mileage of 10.881 kilometers and is in fantastic condition. Under the hood there are 2.9-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that develops 471 horsepower.

This Ferrari is already one for the ages. It is as much a joy to drive as it is to admire, almost like a fine painting new details emerge and captivate the mind. Collectors are notoriously fastidious when it comes to flogging their prized investment, but the F40 is no show queen.

Ferrari F40 is unlike all the other supercars: every year that passes, its stunning exterior design and brutal turbocharged power delivery seem even more appealing. In the new is best world of supercar ownership, the lasting and growing influence of this beauty and we have to admit exotic is quite unique.

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